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Keen to further your studies but still trying to figure out the next steps?

Here is some basic information on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to help you decide.

Why should I care about TVET?

University is not for everyone but every student should have a career. Living in a society that places a high value on the MEAL (medicine, engineer, accountant & lawyer) professions and while-collar jobs and still looks down on blue-collar work, can be tough for someone considering technical and vocational education and training. But here are some good reasons why you should consider Technical and Vocational Education and Training!

  • It enables you to develop whatever skills, natural gifts and preferences lead you to rather than ending up in a job that you find meaningless.
  • Many of the skills most needed to compete in the global market are technical and vocational skills. Without these types of professions, a nation's economy can go down.
  • It is provided by specially trained teachers. The programme avoids repeating existing knowledge unnecessarily thereby facilitating an earlier entry to the world of work.
  • Taking TVET is not a narrow route Students can choose numerous different qualifications ----- there is teaching, healthcare, agriculture, machinery, graphic design, landscaping, travel and tourism, fashion design and more

Is TVET right for me?

Technical and Vocational Education and Training used to be only seen as the acceptable route for those students who were not into academics. Well, that is all myth! Vocational education is not an alternative for mediocre students; it is for those who want to learn practical skills and knowledge. So if you are interested in a specific career, apply yourself straight away!

What does SKILLED mean?

A skilled individual possesses special skills, knowledge or ability in their work and have at least a diploma qualification.