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As a 5-star rated skills training center, AccelSkill Academy is fully equipped with up-to-date training equipment and facilities that meets the industry requirement in conducting Malaysian Skills Diploma and OUM’s Executive Diploma courses in the following sectors:

1. Mechatronics Technology
2. Creative Multimedia
3. Culinary Arts

In order to ensure that trainees acquire a complete hands-on training experience, AccelSkill provides training equipment and facilities that are above the requirement of the DSD including mock-up hotel rooms, computer labs and engineering labs, comfortable classrooms equipped with latest computer system all for the benefits of AccelSkill Academy trainees. The following photos depict the training equipment and facilities at AccelSkill Academy.

Computer lab and classroom for Multimedia Creative classes

AccelSkill Academy’s computer labs and classrooms are equipped with high specification equipment and are of the latest configuration and technology with large LCD display and up-to-date applications software based on industry requirements.

Multimedia Studio and Digital Photography

AccelSkill Academy provides personalized studio room which is fully equipped with studio photography setting, camera equipment and green screen which offers real exposure to students experimenting high quality photo shooting.

Robotics Lab for Mechatronics Technology course

Electronics, PLC and Pneumatic Labs
AccelSkill Academy’s mechatronics lab and workshop are equipped with latest machines based on industry standards to include components of electrical, electronics, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics and robotics which resembles those that are mostly used in manufacturing plants.

Industrial Kitchen for Culinary Arts course

The following depicts AccelSkill Academy’s training facilities and equipment for Hospitality Management courses including Hotel Management, Food & Beverage and Culinary Arts.