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National Dual Training System (SLDN) Training Scheme

In 2004, the government of Malaysia decided to implement NDTS (SLDN) starting from the year 2005. NDTS (SLDN) was introduced for the purpose of providing skilled manpower resources (e-workers) to the country, through a comprehensive training approach and using the latest available technology that meets the prevailing demands from industries. At Cubic Integrated Learning, we apply the methodology of NDTS (SLDN) which can minimize the production of skilled manpower that does not meet up with current needs of industries.

Training Concept

Training is carried out at two sites, at the manufacturing / industry site and classroom training at 80/20 ratio.At industry site, the apprentice will undergo four to five days hand on training and assignments and study of two days at learning institution per week. Duration of SLDN courses shall be 6 months-12 months depends on the course opted.


Training fees fully sponsored by Jabatan Pembangunan Kerja Malaysia. RM 300/month allowance per apprentice to complete the whole apprenticeship period. Successful apprentice shall be awarded with a NDTS certificate of e-worker (equivalent to SKM Level 3) recognized by JPK and the related industry. Improves the work quality of worker since trainings are based on the industry’s needs and workers should be able to meet future entire job demands.

Entry Requirements

Age between 15-40